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"Fashion is beauty, and beauty can change the world"

I’m an international published fashion & portrait photographer, made in Italy and based in Barcelona. My career in photography and fashion industry began in 2014 in Florence (Italy) where, after the fashion photography school graduation (Leonardo DaVinci art school), I’ve started to work as studio assistant for my professor and amazing photographer Gildardo Gallo and I’ve started participating in events as Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo and Istituto Marangoni catwalk. After a few months I’ve started my own career enjoying the famous photographer’s coworking Cowo98, right in the center of Florence. In 2015, after a full year working in Italy, I’ve decided to refresh my life and my art searching for some new inspiration in the amazing city of Barcelona, here I’ve started the second part of my career enjoying Camaleo Coworking group and working with professional and amazing people as Kristiana Zaula, Julia Buruleva, Juanma Granero, Ricardo Mochet and more; working for the Barcelona fashion week 080 as backstage official photographer for the talented fashion designer Esther Ferrano and being published with my fashion and controversial editorials on international photography and fashion magazines as Volant, Dreamingless, Feroce and more, and being published on Vogue Italia as light assistant of the amazing photographer Julia Buruleva.
My point of view on work is simple: team is the key. To do that I like, when it’s possible, to meet the clients and the models before the shooting to create a human contact that helps a lot to make a good teamwork where people can trust each other. Another important part of my job is listening to the clients and base my art on what they ask for, not changing the basement of their ideas. 

Eleonora Fazio