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Eleonora Fazio is a talented Italian photographer who has lived in Barcelona since October 2015. She was born in Rome in 1990 and has always shown an extraordinary interest in art. Her first passion was music: she taught herself the art of singing as a child, and then went on to create her own band as a teenager. In light of significant family issues, she moved to Monte Argentario, Tuscany, where her interest in photography began. An innocent game at first, taking pictures of everyday life, her passion grew and she soon realized that her camera not only allowed her to show her vision of the world and people surrounding her, but it also allowed her to imagine the world she wished to see. After several collaborations with various events agencies, she decided to move to Florence and study fashion photography with one of the best photographers in Italy, Gildardo Gallo. Through her private classes in Gallo’s studio she became his studio assistant. In the meantime, she continued working for the most famous clubs and events in Florence, joining the Cowo98 as a fashion photographer. Her time in Florence was influential for her growth as an artist and as a woman; it was then that she realized that the only way for her to truly express herself was by traveling and feeding her hunger for knowledge and new experiences. My new motto became: know art, know people, know yourself. That is why she decided to change scenery once more and move to Barcelona, Catalunya; rather than running from something, she was running towards a new destination, to discover the unique and unimaginable colors, people and landscapes that this new home had to offer.


Silvia Dembner